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Welcome to! This site is all about personal finance in Switzerland. The vision of is to be an accessible English reference for knowledge, tips, and best practices on personal finance to Swiss residents.

This website follows a do-it-yourself mantra. If this mindset resonates with you, this site will be an ally to enhance your personal finance.

What is personal finance?

Personal finance is not about becoming rich. What would that even mean? Some people would measure richness by the amount of expensive cars in their garage(s) or the square meters of their house(s). For others, being rich would equal financial independence and not having to work to maintain their lifestyle. Even if it’s a modest one. A third group may only feel rich if they are able to provide enough for their loved ones or those in need.

Instead, personal finance is all about fulfilling your financial goals. These goals can be short- or long-term. Most people have both. Implicitly at least. Buying a new computer or saving for a house down payment are examples of short-term goals. Being able to retire at age 55 or planning to send your (yet unborn) kids to study in the US are examples of long-term goals.

The number of potential goals is endless. But the tools to achieve them are not. Personal finance relies on budgeting and investing to achieve its objectives. Budgeting relates to how you spend the money you earn. The part not spent are savings. Investing puts those savings to work for you. Although it could be considered part of budgeting, I see tax optimization as yet a third leg. Taxes are often more opaque and tedious to deal with than the general budgeting. The long-term vision for is to be structured around these three pillars.

How to use this website

The content of the website is structured around posts. Posts belong to one of more categories. Thinking ahead, the three top categories of this site will converge to be budgeting, investing and taxes. The different categories, as well as recent posts, can be accessed in the footer of any page. Try it out below!


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