I’m an EU expat living in canton Zurich. I’ve been living in Switzerland since 2015. My finance knowledge comes from CFA exams, two years of working experience in the asset management industry, and online resources.

Topics I care about include personal development, financial independence, education, technology, open source software, mobility and healthcare.

All my life I’ve relied on content altruistically created by others (most of the time, anyways) to learn about pretty much everything. From playing a new instrument to coding or learning about finance. Over the years, the knowledge I’ve freely acquired from online sources has helped me land new jobs, broaden my pool of hobbies, and overall bring knowledge & happiness to my life.

mypersonalfinance.ch is a modest attempt to give back in a field that I believe concerns everyone.


  1. I am not a financial advisor, accountant, or tax consultant. I do not have any formal qualifications/license required to provide professional financial advice
  2. This website captures the best of my knowledge, which may be biased, incomplete, or plainly wrong
  3. I waive all liability for any loss (financial or not) you might face by reading this website. You (and not me) are ultimately responsible for any action you take around your personal finances


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