Budgeting and investing are the core of your personal finance. Taxes follow closely, and affect both. As the adage goes, death and taxes are the only certain things in life. But there’s much more we can do about the latter.

The power of taxes

Taxes affect your budgeting. Why? Because taxes are expenses. From the first time you get a payslip, taxes cripple your savings rate. And maintaining a healthy savings rate is a key goal of budgeting. Learning how to minimize your tax burden can set you ahead in your saving goals. But how much leeway do you have in steering your taxes? Which actions should you take? And how do taxes work in Switzerland anyways?

Tax considerations also affect your investment decisions. In Switzerland, you’ll consistently hear people boasting about the tax deductability of their mortgage. Or their pillar 3a investments. But how big are the tax gains of such decisions? How would other investments be taxed? What’s the opportunity cost?

If you’d like to have answers to these questions, then you’re on the right track to optimize your taxes. And you’re also on the right website.

Taxes in Switzerland and mypersonalfinance.ch

mypersonalfinance.ch can help you become tax savvy in two ways. The first one is rather theoretical. This website can help you build a general understanding on taxes. And in particular, on the Swiss taxation framework. This includes answers to all questions above. The second way is more operational. You can use the tax declaration guide of mypersonalfinance.ch to learn how to file your taxes on your own. You’ll follow a collection of tips and best practices to ensure you don’t pay more taxes than you should.


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