Investing Pillar 3a

A comparison of pillar 3a alternatives

Are you looking to invest in pillar 3a? There are dozens of alternatives out there. Which is one is better? And is any of them better than just investing the money yourself in a low cost ETF? This entry introduces an app to enable an easy comparison of different pillar 3a alternatives. Are you familiar…Continue readingA comparison of pillar 3a alternatives

Investing Pillar 3a Tax optimization Taxes

How pillar 3a works

Pillar 3a is one of the most popular investments for Swiss residents. In fact, it’s somewhat unpopular not to contribute to pillar 3a. In this entry, we’ll discuss how pillar 3a works. We’ll also review the biggest pros and cons of pillar 3a investments, as well as some important investment considerations. About this entry There’s…Continue readingHow pillar 3a works